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GEEKSPOINTER is emerging technical training provider firm, engaged in providing training on employable skills such as web development, android development, soft skills in educational institutions and individuals. Our team have the gusto to muster up a young developer, designer, entrepreneur and visionary hidden in the students.We train the students to let loose their imagination and bring out an innovative part of them. GEEKSPOINTER organise various training programs based on the latest technologies. Our team comprises with a bunch of professionals, activities are focused in education, training & resourcing services with particular emphasis on adding value to the concept of ‘flexible resourcing’. This attribute of ours allows us to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with us.

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between industry and students by providing training to 2500 students by the end of year 2015. We believe in imparting practical education to our students instead of just book knowledge by making them work on live projects. Our training program helps them gain something out of their intellect.
When you learn something from here you add a feather in your cap. It provides fuel to their ideas which propels them to do better in life. Like we have Guest Lectures, Live projects, Training certificates, Speaker Bureau, etc. GEEKSPOINTER organises various workshops for the school and college students. It helps school students in taking baby steps while it helps college students to prepare themselves before joining any business firm.
Through our research we have recognized that the basic reason behind such wide spread unemployment among graduates is the lack of a proper interface between industries and institutes. Institutes through their curriculum are not able to provide employment oriented skills that give a candidate that winning edge over his peers.

Everything you need to know

I hear and I forget! I see and I remember! I do and I understand! – Confucius

Through our experience of over a decade in IT field, we have the essential know -how to develop capable young engineers to excel in businesses in the emerging technology and knowledge oriented sectors. We are engaged in a process of providing efficient technical programmers to the world of IT who have the competence to steer business enterprises in proficient manner.